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Philosophy of Birth

Doulas, in short, empower you to give birth your way. Giving birth is the most personal journey you’ll ever go on. But the processes, guidelines and regulations of the NHS can make what’s supposed to be the most wonderful experience in a woman’s life quite the opposite. This is the ethos on which M. Thorpe Doula was born and the conviction behind everything I do.  My vision is to give you the birth experience you wish for, not the one you are allocated by the system. I work with you and the NHS to make your childbirth and postnatal experience personal to you.

 I am a former midwife turned doula (recognised by Doula UK), antenatal educator and aromatherapy in childbearing practitioner, hypnobirthing teacher as well as mother to two children. I work across Nottingham and Derby but can travel further if required. 



She is very caring, knowledgeable and nurturing. She is a fantastic doula and would feel honoured to have her at the birth of my baby.


Not sure were to start, Melissa has been great thoughout my pregnancy giving me support and information, accompanying me to appointments and giving me the strength to stand my ground on the decisions I had made. unfortunately the homebirth I had planned didn’t work out due to staffing, I also had to travel 50 minute to hospital has all my local ones had shut due to being so busy. Melissa was brilliant keeping me focused in the ambulance, going though everything with the midwifes when we arrived ( I had no notes) and making the space calming and smell lovely with essentail oils 😊. My husband was very greatful Melissa was there so he could just concentrate on me and the birth.
Melissa was great support after the birth helping me get sorted and has been good support post birth too.
With Melissa’s past experience being a midwife helped both pre birth and birth with talking to the medical staff and helping me understand where they were coming from and making inform decisions. Melissa held my space in the hospital and was a great advocate for me, I can’t recommend Melissa enough 💞 Thank you


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