Your Budget Friendly Bump and Baby Essentials – Part One

Many companies and websites will give you a long list of pregnancy and baby 'essentials', but most of these are a way of getting you to spend money. We all have personal preferences but the actual essentials are few and far between, and are usually cheaper than you'd expect. As a midwife turned doula, and … Continue reading Your Budget Friendly Bump and Baby Essentials – Part One

Music To Your (And Baby’s) Ears

The science of music and the debate around its influence in childbearing has been ongoing for years. I certainly remember in 2009 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter the onslaught of products from Disney Einstein that played classical music. It was thought that playing Beethoven to your bump would increase your child's intelligence. … Continue reading Music To Your (And Baby’s) Ears

Going Against The Grain…

Birth is an incredibly special time in your life. It may be something you only do once and those well laid out birth plans can mean so much. It's your absolute right to give birth in the way that you wish. But what happens when the hospital disagrees with your wishes? Your meticulous planning can … Continue reading Going Against The Grain…

Breastfeeding – Overcoming the Challenges

Today marks the beginning of National Breastfeeding Week! The aim is to raise awareness and education of this natural form of feeding your baby. As a mother of two breastfed children and qualified midwife I can talk for hours about the benefits of breastfeeding, for both mum and baby. However to ignore the huge challenges … Continue reading Breastfeeding – Overcoming the Challenges

VBAC: Women vs Guidelines

Health care providers walk a tightrope between policies, guidelines and maternal request. A policy MUST be adhered to and usually covers things like infection control, uniforms, sickness and absence rates, and professional behaviour. A guideline provides a frame of reference for professionals to work within. They are rooted in evidence, although not always recent, relevant … Continue reading VBAC: Women vs Guidelines

Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

 Having recently completed an aromatherapy in childbearing course, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, I am now able to offer aromatherapy and massage services during pregnancy, birth, and post dates. This blog will give a brief intro into aromatherapy and what you can expect from it!    What is Aromatherapy?Aromatherapy is the science and art … Continue reading Aromatherapy in Pregnancy