About Me


As a former midwife I have four years of experience within UK maternity services, working in the community and in busy consultant led environments. I have extensive experience of supporting families through all stages of pregnancy, labour, and postnatal. I have been present at, and facilitated, hundreds of births, from home births to cesarean sections and my up to date knowledge and career experience will help guide you through NHS services and what to expect. I left the NHS as I believe that working as a doula in Nottingham will enable me to support and care for women in the caring and one-to-one way that I always wanted to practice in. I am not here to replace your care provider, but to work in partnership with yourself as you navigate NHS maternity services in Nottinghamshire (including Nottingham City Hospital, Queens Medical Centre and Kings Mill Hospital).

With regards to infant feeding I have personal experience of breastfeeding my children for a combined 38 months, and worked as a breastfeeding peer supporter for two years before studying the midwifery degree. Since that point, I have been trained and assessed to the highest UNICEF standards for breastfeeding support. I have worked with countless women aiding initiation of breastfeeding, and overcoming challenges if they arise in line with UNICEF Baby Friendly standards. However, I will support and guide you through whichever feeding method you choose. I am here to empower your parenting decisions, not to judge them.

I am also able to provide aromatherapy services in labour, having completed a course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

I have personal experience of using hypnobirthing, and have supported other women using the techniques however I am not yet a trained hypnobirthing practitioner. I am more than happy to support you with the methods you have used antenatally.

Since leaving my career in midwifery I have successfully completed a Doula preparation course and am now officially recognised by Doula UK.

My Birth Philosophy

You will each have your own individual story and challenges, and as a doula I will provide guidance and information for you on the transition to parenthood. I view birth as a normal, although life altering, event and aim to give you the tools YOU need in order to empower yourself to be an active participant in your baby’s birth. 

If you still aren’t sure then before booking any birth services I will arrange a free prenatal meeting in a setting of your choice. We will discuss what you need and want, how I can facilitate that, and whether I am the right match for you and your family. There is no obligation to sign up for or pay anything at this meeting.

If you are interested in finding out more about how I decided to become a doula then read my blog post here.